The Entrepreneurial Experience 2.0: The Next Iteration of My Class

In my class last semester, I put myself in the role of a student. It didn’t work in terms of traditional metrics – I didn’t really build anything, and I certainly didn’t sell anything. It was definitely a failure. But I learned a ton, about myself, about what my students go through in my crazy experiment, and about what I should or shouldn’t do in my class. Some changes I’m thinking of implementing for the fall semester:

The 1st week we will work together as an entire class to do the 60 Minute Launch Рa great opportunity developed by Justin Wilcox.

The 1st two weeks we will also spend getting them in teams, defining an idea and a charity to donate proceeds of their first venture foray to.

Two things will be happening simultaneously during the next four weeks:

1. Those teams will work to implement their idea via the Online Venture Challenge. This way they will all go through the experience of pulling the trigger on an idea, with a good bit of structure surrounding it and a short-term end goal in sight (make money to donate to charity).

2. Each student will read All in Startup by Diana Kander. This will be a great complement to understanding customer development and a variety of other crucial components necessary to launch.

For the remainder of the course, each student will individually work to start their own business.

I think if they have two very short and semi-structured experiences up front of starting something (through both Justin’s 60 Minute Launch and the OVC), they will be more ready and excited about the opportunity to do it on their own on a larger scale for the remainder of the semester.

I will meet with them twice per week this semester – the Monday session will be more of a review of progress/problems, going through any content, answering questions, etc. The Wednesday session will be to play – exercises, fun stuff, visiting local businesses, etc.



3 thoughts on “The Entrepreneurial Experience 2.0: The Next Iteration of My Class

  1. Andy Penaluna

    Good one Doan.

    I think we often overlook the point that it should all be about the learning, for educators as well as our students. I’ve just completed a small review of over 30 years of my past students perspectives, as I learn more from them after graduation than whilst they are studying!!

    Its catching on as a strategy here in the UK, and bet you could do some amazing stuff too? Here’s a little info:

    1. Post author

      Andy – that sort of reflection is a fantastic idea. I only have 5 years under my belt, but I’m sure there is a wealth of information there. And combining it with others who do crazy things would create quite the story, I’m sure! Thanks for the suggestion

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