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For previous days as part of the 7 Day Startup, I worked on thoughts about what my Minimum Viable Product would look like. Today, I worked on a business name. I had a few options I was considering, so I started polling a bunch of students. I was asking about various combinations that included “student”, “campus”, “connect”, “connection” and “quad”, and a variety of spellings. I also checked out the domain name availability through GoDaddy. What I landed on is The .com domain was taken. It is easy to say, it makes sense for my idea.

Tomorrow is about building a website. I have a full schedule, so am not sure I’ll be able to tackle this. I guess it’s good that it’s happening on a Friday, because my students will also be “busy” and so I’m facing the same experience as they are in terms of having to squeeze this in. More specifically, according to Dan Norris’ plan, here is what tomorrow will be about:

Day 4: Build a Website in a Day for under $100

Landing page

  • Purpose is start communicating with customers and learning how they respond
  • Purpose is begin building what will ultimately sell your product

General approaches

  • Design site to capture email addresses
  • Site that pre-sells product before launch it
  • Actual sales page that you’ll use on launch day


  1. Register domain (@$4 and 5 minutes)
  2. Set up hosting (@$5/month and 10 minutes)
    1. Shared hosting plan with GoDaddy
    2. Or managed WordPress for @$1/month (
  3. Create landing page
    1. In WordPress
      1. Click “Add New” under Plugins
      2. Enter “SeedProd Coming Soon” and hit “Search Plugins”
  • Click “Install Now” next to plugin called “Coming Soon”
  1. Click “Activate Plugin”
  2. Under Settings, click “Coming Soon”
  3. Connect to email system (Mailchimp, Drop, Infusionsoft) to collect emails
    1. Mailchimp is free (
  4. Create Themed WordPress page ($69 and one hour)
    1. Use
    2. Download a theme
    3. In WordPress
      1. Under “Appearance” click “Themes”
      2. Click tab “Install Themes”
  • Click upload, select zip file you previously saved, click “Install”
  1. Click “Activate”
  1. Create Payment Page
    1. Create account at
    2. If doing one-off sales, create a Buy Now button (probably under Profile and Selling Tools)
    3. If doing monthly subscriptions, create Subscription button
    4. In WordPress
      1. Under Pages tab, click “Add Page”
      2. Enter sales copy and images for your page, and in the “Code” view, paste in the HTML script that PayPal gave you for the button
  • Save page, click “View Page” to test it (be sure to click the payment button to make sure it works)
    1. **If having problems with the code, you can use Post Snippets plugin in WordPress to help with entering the code**
  1. Extras
    1. Use to help with copy that you’re writing
    2. Use great images (
    3. Use Google Analytics (
      1. Install YOAST Google Analytics plugin in WordPress

Day 4 Task: Set up a website!


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