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I found some time this weekend to knock out a super basic landing page per the instructions below from Dan Norris in 7 Day Startup. I used GoDaddy to get the domain, Bluehost to host the domain, and the SeedProd plugin in WordPress to design the landing page. I could not get a PayPal button to add as their website kept preventing me from getting a button using HTML. Which sucks, because that’s the whole point of this, to make money, right? But I’ll see if I can get students engaged.

Check out my ConnectCampus landing page here.

Steps I Used

  1. Register domain (@$4 and 5 minutes)
  2. Set up hosting (@$5/month and 10 minutes)
    1. Shared hosting plan with GoDaddy
    2. Or managed WordPress for @$1/month (
  3. Create landing page
    1. In WordPress
      1. Click “Add New” under Plugins
      2. Enter “SeedProd Coming Soon” and hit “Search Plugins”
  • Click “Install Now” next to plugin called “Coming Soon”
  1. Click “Activate Plugin”
  2. Under Settings, click “Coming Soon”
  3. Connect to email system (Mailchimp, Drop, Infusionsoft) to collect emails
    1. Mailchimp is free (
  4. Create Themed WordPress page ($69 and one hour)
    1. Use
    2. Download a theme
    3. In WordPress
      1. Under “Appearance” click “Themes”
      2. Click tab “Install Themes”
  • Click upload, select zip file you previously saved, click “Install”
  1. Click “Activate”
  1. Create Payment Page
    1. Create account at
    2. If doing one-off sales, create a Buy Now button (probably under Profile and Selling Tools)
    3. If doing monthly subscriptions, create Subscription button
    4. In WordPress
      1. Under Pages tab, click “Add Page”
      2. Enter sales copy and images for your page, and in the “Code” view, paste in the HTML script that PayPal gave you for the button
  • Save page, click “View Page” to test it (be sure to click the payment button to make sure it works)
    1. **If having problems with the code, you can use Post Snippets plugin in WordPress to help with entering the code**


I will send emails to the variety of department chairs, academic advisors, and student club leaders that I think will be most interested in this. That includes business, IT, technology, English, math, kinesiology and nutrition to start with. I will also see if I can’t get a slide posted on the digital screens in the dorms and the dining halls and all screens across campus.

I will also post messages on a variety of Facebook pages targeted at groups of ISU students (i.e., Class of 2015, Class of 2016, etc.)


My OMTM (one metric that matters) is connections made. This would require that 1) a student submitted a form indicating they need help, and that 2) I found a student that is willing and able to provide that help, and that 3) those two students followed through.

I could use submission as my OMTM, but that’s too shallow. It doesn’t mean anything. I think using connections made indicates whether I’m creating value. Could use referrals as well, but that’s for version 2.0!


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