How Our Education System Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Our education system has been under attack recently. And for good reason. We have lost track of why an education system exists. Many voices (mine included) have spewed much venom. As is normal with soapbox issues, few of those have provided workable solutions to the education epidemic going on in our country. I am a process innovation thinker – I see things as a process, I break the process down into it’s pieces, I develop innovative improvements on those pieces, and put the process back together. I’ve spent considerable time thinking this way about our education system. I cam to an important realization the other day while thinking this through in preparation for a TEDx talk I’m giving on Saturday.


Our Education System Isn’t As Bad As We Think

Let me be clear – the No Child Left Behind, Common Core and all that nonsense is just that – nonsense. It needs to go. Those of us in the education system need to focus on students as individuals and work to prepare them to be productive citizens in the uncertain world that awaits them. We have ALOT of work to do on that level to change from the robotic, Orwellian approach that has infected our system. But the more research I do, the more I find pockets of promise – individual schools or larger units of schools doing amazing things. With this renewed promise, I think that perhaps things aren’t so bad.


I am about to sit down and read Sir Ken Robinson’s Creative Schools – can’t wait to see what gems lurk in there, and how I can further disrupt the system based on that. It came about from his ridiculous TED talk, which you need to watch if you haven’t already – here you go!


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      Thanks Curtis! Glad you found this, and thanks for the encouragement. I need to get better at pumping out more consistent content.

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      Walter – that’s fantastic, glad you found something useful from it! Anything else I can help with?


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